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B.O.M stands for Black ops marines. As the logo clearly states. it is the official clan of Roblox-How-To. It is owned and operated by me, jojoannie123. To join, send me a message with the title:


and the message containing:



About yourself:

I Wan't YOU! For the BOM!

New Members Ahoy!

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Since we have reached popularity, We need some new members. So all of you unregistered, visitors, Please take 2 minutes to sign up and help us out. The First one to join will surely be awarded with a personal post on the front page!  Your Roblox Character will also be put in the site logo!!! how cool that would be! So get signing up and dont be the last!

The final Moderators

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We have rounded all the moderators up! We will not be taking requests any time.  We might in the future, so check in.  Here our our moderators

  • Admin(brady911) = site editor and owner
  • jojoannie123 = graphics designer and social worker
  • 09vl1063 = social worker and other statuses pending...
  • austin962 = job status worker
  • PIZZA101FD = tips, hints, and how-to poster

New Features!

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We now introduce our youtube channel and new contact email.  The youtube channel will be for our tutorials and vids.  The email is shared with me and jojo for our reading.


you can see our youtube channel by clicking here.

you can E-mail us at [email protected]


Whats to Come...

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Here amongst jojo and I, we are planning much.  Right now, tutorials and help is our main concern.  We will most likely be doing a weekly tutorial.  A youtube vid created by us and narrated by jojo.  In the Meantime, you can look in the Official Roblox Wiki.